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Bridal Henna

Henna can be traditionally applied to a bride’s hands and feet.
Today, it is also the hottest new trend in Western self-expression for anyone with the desire to celebrate an important event a distinctive sense of style.
It is believed that henna gives blessings, luck, and joy, although it is also seen as a beauty enhancer. Some brides get their future spouse’s initials hidden into their henna design. There may also be symbolic designs representing joy, luck, success, beauty, and other positive qualities.
Fares: Hands only: starting at 100$, full hands and feet: starting at 200$

Henna Tattoos

Many People now get henna done (especially during the summer) for fashion purposes. But the truth is, most people are actually getting fake hennas! As opposed to the beautiful staining brown/orange natural plant, they use chemical ink!
I make authentic henna cones at home with pure natural organic, chemical free henna. I offers private appointments at my home. My henna gives amazing dark stains in beautiful patterns and designs.
Fares: Starting at 15$, depending on the design.

Party Events

If you or someone you know is celebrating a special occasion or planning an event, contact Maple Henna Art to discover how Henna Body Painting can make it memorable.
We are available for
  • Weddings , Anniversaries
  • Bridal Showers, Baby Showers
  • Prom/Graduation, Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Meetings, Cultural Festivals
  • Or any fun together…
Fares: Depending on the design or $70/hour.

Belly Henna

Like a brilliant piece of music or a grand flower, you have changed and blossomed into a miraculous new form; you are pregnant. You may find yourself reaching for a way to celebrate this time in your life but may be unsure of what to do.
Then you must consider adorning your belly with henna, an ancient form of body art. Henna is the perfect way to celebrate your pregnancy; it’s 100% natural and botanical, temporary, and customized specifically to you and your preferences.
Fares: Starting at $50