About Us

Maple Henna Art founder, Mansi is a famous Henna Artist, practicing henna since more than 10 years. She was surrounded by the mystical and elaborate art of Henna Body Painting from the time she was a small child. Mansi now shares her flair for art and exceptional talent at weddings, festivals and gatherings throughout the Canada area.
She strives to make her art a reflection of her culture, as well as the character of the individual. She only uses pure natural henna imported from India, which she combines with all natural ingredients like lemon juice, sugar and essential oils.
Mansi’s distinctive sense of style makes her love for an old and mystical art live every day. She provides her services to individuals, brides and groups for different events including Bridal Henna, Birthday Parties, Cultural Events, Xmas Parties, Corporate Events or any fun together.

Our Services

Henna Tattoos
Many People now get henna done (especially during the summer) for fashion purposes…
Party Events
If you or someone you know is celebrating a special occasion or planning an event, contact…
Bridal Henna
Today, it is also the hottest new trend in Western self-expression for anyone with the desire…
Belly Henna
Like a brilliant piece of music or a grand flower, you have changed and blossomed into…

Bridal Henna Packages

This package is suitable for bride who wants light yet traditional designs on both sides of both hands, 2 and 3 inches below wrist and light design on the tops of feet.
This package includes contemporary or traditional design upto mid forearm on both sides of both hands, and partial coverage on the feet and strips up beyond the ankles standard henna designs.
This package is perfect match for the bride who wants to go all traditional, it includes full traditional and intricate design on both sides of both hands, till elbow.
This package includes intricate bridal henna on both side of hands, forearms all the way up to the elbow, it includes personalized elements and can be customized to the bride’s preference (i.e. bride/groom figures, quotes etc.).